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This page is devoted exclusively to the Daly Y-DNA Surname Project. This project started in October 2003 and has several objectives:

1. To verify a suspected sibling connection between John Daly, Charles Dealy, and Michael Dealy of county Cork.

Results to date have strengthened an assumed sibling connection between John Daly and Michael Dealy and have disclaimed any connection with Charles Dealy.

2. To confirm a descent connection between Richard Daly and Leslie Daley.

Lab results have been received on 25 Markers from a Leslie Daley relative. They show only a one alle difference from my personal results. This proves that Christopher Daley and Emery Daly descend from a fairly recent common ancestor. If Leslie Daley's research is accurate the ancestor is James Daly and his wife Catherine Gore. A known direct descendant of the Dunsandle Daly family is needed to complete this result.

3. To determine if John Daly, Michael Dealy, Charles Dealy, and Leslie Daley were all descended from a Common Ancestor.

I have confirmed that John Daly, Michael Dealy and Leslie Daley all are descended from a common ancestor and that Charles Dealy is not.

4. To determine if there is a link between the Black River, St John NB area Daly families and the descendants of John Daly and Michael Dealy.

The test results are back and there is a definate connection. Now all we have to do is find the paper trail to show exactly what the connection is.

5. To act as a clearing house among all Dalys, regardless of spelling, who would like to take advantage of this new technology in the pursuit of their family history.

Here are the results of the DALY Y-DNA testing to date.
I was going to try and explain how the Y-DNA project works but I quickly found that I was reinventing the wheel. The following links can explain, far better than I, exactly what is involved and what can be expected from Y chromosome testing.

The Jordan Surname DNA Project

The Blair Genealogy Project

Charles F. Kerchener Jr.'s Genetics & Genealogy - An Introduction With Y-DNA Case Study Examples

The FamilyTree DNA Testing Service website

You can be tested using either 12 Markers, 25 Markers, 37 Markers, or 67 Markers. The following chart shows how many generations back your Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) is located with a perfect match of 12, 25, or 37 Markers.

Number of Generations to MRCA

# of Markers 50% Probability 90% Probability
12 12.4 48
25 7 23
37 4.7 16

If you would like to join our Project you can order a Y-DNA Test kit by clicking here. I strongly recommend ordering the Y-DNA37 test @ $149 plus postage. This is the group rate price.

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